If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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pondělí 21. května 2012

The First Bid

At last something new... today I finished illustration to a story, that has for quite long ignited my immagination. A story about an auction of POWs. Very wealthy, powerful and influential men from diferent countries take part in a secret auction of war captives, given by a leader of (at the moment) winning army, financially supported by countries these men represent.I am sure I don't have to explain what are the POWs bought for. These soldiers are officialy lost for their country, so nobody will try to find them...
This is the moment of the story, where the first POW is led on the auction block:
"In a corner of the tent the men erected a low platform, where two guerrillas drag the first POW, fully naked and with his arms tied behind his back. He's sinewy and sturdy young man, with face features a bit rough, like a farmer. Not very tall, but with big muscles, he resembles a bull, also for the heavy and very big nuts dangling between his legs. He's similar to the hairy and masculine para sergeant - with impressive manhood -which one of the gentlemen has just bought from the guerillas. But the penis and the gonads of this bull are even bigger and heavier."

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