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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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čtvrtek 19. července 2012

Governor's visit

Ruling the world is a formidable task... but for many years now Chinese leaders were rather successful. With Russians and Americans helping them, they finally ran over the world and seized most of it. The old continent seemed to be hardest to get on it's knees, but even that finally happened.
Russian consul in Bohemian Gubernie knew very well tastes and likes of European Governor. Young strong white male slaves, tied and tortured...
So in time for Governor's visit everything was ready and in it's place to maximally smoothen the ongoing control.
Governor was seated in the best and softest armchair, served his favorite Whisky on the rocks and Cuban cigar, his feet rested on back of the most handsome consul's male slave and the sacrificed slave was tied to a wooden cross...
The entertainment started....

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  1. Hezkyyyy, od toho, co jsem videl naposledy si s tim dobre pohnul. Super kresba!!!