If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

Please, read!

In this blog you can find immages (mostly drawings) that can be disturbing and not acceptable to view for everyone. It is only fantasy and has no connection with reality. But, in any case, if you think you might feel upset by these creations, please, LEAVE!
The same rule for minors - if you are under legal age, please, leave this blog!

sobota 13. července 2013

...after a long time

I am sorry for neglecting this blog for such a long time. There were many reasons and, in the end, it is irelevant why I didn't post. I am going to do it now.
As I still didn't draw anything new that would fit into this blog, I am uploading two of my older works with one theme - genitorture on cross.
One of the drawings is kinda public scene - castration on prison yard - part of the penalty, executed in prison... The other is more "private", where victim is tortured in a cellar of a sick torturer.... you can choose which scenario suits you better :-)

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