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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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čtvrtek 19. června 2014

sketch 19-6-14

Just an idea for Sebastian picture...this time it was a tilt of the head that was the main focus...

2 komentáře:

  1. Gorgeous sketch. There is something of the spontaneity of the sketch, that the finished job loses.
    These two drawings show distinct and important moments. The first speaks of expectation, he is naked and tied awaiting execution. He knows there is no hope, he can only accept what comes. The second shows when the victim is already feeling the pain of the first arrows. The pain is great,excruciating, and the death inevitable. The lifetime is left to the martyr will be filled by the pains of the arrows. So what you have left is to enjoy the pain, feel his resignation.

  2. Thank you, Pote, for this superb comment. I couldn't express it better!
    Yes, our bodies talk by just moving or taking some position or pose... So for depicting emotions and feelings (even pain) it is important to incorporate this body language into the pictures - something, that you do in your works very well! I am only starting to learn this....
    And I also agree with something you wrote rather recently in one of your submissions - pain and pleasure are very close to each other as for body-language expressions.