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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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úterý 29. prosince 2015

Illustrations - crucifixion

Here are two new drawings - illustrations of a story to come - Crosses of Caligula by Jack Staley on MCR yahoo group... it shall be comming soon...

3 komentáře:

  1. What delights drawings! It is remarkable how the drawings show a lack of haste, the tranquility with which the executioner watch any pain and contortions of the crucified slave. Expresses the suffering and the excruciating pain of the victim. The boy's body is robust and compact. It was completely shaved so it could be manipulated, burned and pierced without difficulties. He has no hope of surviving, he knows that death is close and inevitable. He fears and suffers the pains of torture.
    But the executioner, takes care that death takes the most out of reach, he is in no hurry, he just want to enjoy and appreciate the pain and suffering it causes.
    He lives a sublime moment of fulfillment, pleasure and lust.
    We feel the same pleasure, thank Sherwin!

  2. Pote, as always, you understand very well what I tried to express in my drawings. I am glad you find the drawings satisfying. Your input is always very valuable for me. Thank you for your kind comment!

  3. Michal:
    Your imag0091 is amazing. What you have drawn is the way I imagine a crucifixion to be carried out. The position of the body is naturalistic, and has a certain brutal grace about it. The slave's face is twisted and distorted in his intense agony. You have transported me back to ancient Rome. Who needs a time machine when we have you.
    Thanks for another outstanding work of art. Rich Cybulski