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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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pátek 30. března 2012

Grill season starts

New doodle after a long time of silence... Spring is here and with it new inspirations.

čtvrtek 29. března 2012

Spike or blade

Story by Guru, illustration by me.

The spike or the blade

There were two of them left in the cell now. There had been sixteen. Young soldiers. Caught by the enemy, interrogated, beaten then imprisoned. Sixteen young men stuck in a twelve by ten cell with a bucket to shit and piss in and four bunk beds. They had been left there a week then two were taken out. Three hours later, two more. And so on. Until these two were left. They stank of sweat and filth and fear. Their hard muscular bodies were still in shape; apart from jerking off there had been nothing to do in the cell but work out.

The door to the cell block open and four guards came in. Wearing battle fatigues and boots. No shirts. They looked fresh and clean, pumped. Ready for action. Whatever action that was. One guard opened the cell and ordered them out. They were told to go into the shower and clean themselves. They had two minutes. They were to be released.

Both boys ran to the shower. The warm water felt great and they quickly soaped themselves, rinsed off and dried on the towels hanging on hooks in the walls. They could hear the four soldiers chatting and laughing; they grinned at each other. They were going to be free. Manolo slapped his friend Miguel on his cropped head and whispered, “Home to my girl. She gonna get it good.”

His thick cock jumped at the thought and Miguel laughed. He had heard about Monolo’s girl now for three months, first in the unit and now here in the cell. That poor girl was going to choke from what he understood.

They came out of the shower area and the guards stopped talking and ordered them to turn round and put their hands behind their backs. They were still prisoners until they were released. They felt the handcuffs click over their wrists. A baton prodded Miguel in the small of the back and he moved towards the cell block door and into the open yard outside.

The sun was fierce. Real bright. The yard was deserted apart from their four guards. In front of them was the door to the outside world and freedom. Through that door, past the vestibule where they would get their uniforms and boots, was Manolo’s girl and Miguel’s family. The year olds grinned at each other and moved towards the door.

“This way, amigos.”

The biggest of the guards, a massive corporal with a thick hairy chest and hard muscular arms and shoulders, pointed to the other side of the yard. There was a guillotine standing there and, from the wall, a long horizontal wooden spike, four feet long, projected into the yards. It had a sharpened point and stood about two and a half feet from the ground.

The two boys stared at these things in disbelief. They were pushed forward until they stood next to the guillotine.

The corporal looked at Miguel and said, “Choose.”


“Choose, soldier. Which way do you want to go? The spike or the blade? Whichever you choose, your friend gets the other.”

Miguel looked at Manolo and saw fear in his eyes. If they were going to die he wanted a quick death. Whichever way he looked at it the blade would be quicker but that would leave Manolo to suffer whatever torture that spike would deliver. Would they drive his body onto it and let him die slowly in the sun or what?

“Choose now, soldier.”

With tears in his eyes he said, “The blade, Signor.”

He heard Manolo sigh.

Two guards took Miguel and made him kneel behind the blade. The feet were tied wide apart and his hands, still handcuffed, now rested on his horizontal back. His head was held in position through the hole in the wooden restrainer and the top half lowers and secured. He was looking down into a basket. Empty but bloody.

The guards took Manolo and led him to the spike. It was in front of Miguel so he could look up and see what they were going to do to his friend. They made him stand against the spike and bent him over it. One stood behind him and pulled his thick cock out of his fatigues and pushed it against Manolo’s asshole. The boy gasped then screamed as it pushed in deep and hard and the guard raped him.

Miguel felt something push against his own asshole and he too felt the fire and agony as a huge cock ripped into his hole. Each boy was raped twice, two guards taking it in turns to use them. They took their time, enjoying the hot sun and the tight holes. Final the corporal said, “Enough.”

They dragged Manolo off the spike and held him against the sharpened end. He was bent over so his asshole was now in line with the spike. Two guards held him in position, one on each side as a third pushed on his shoulders, ramming him onto the spike so it penetrated his hole. The boy screamed. They turned him so his back was to the ground and his legs in the air and dragged him onto the spike. With eighteen inches deep inside him, one guard took out a knife and cut off his balls and cock and stuffed them into his screaming mouth. They pulled and pushed him more until blood poured from his mouth and his death rattle echoes around the yard. He hung horizontally in the air, impaled on the wooden spike, his blood dripping in the sand from his ass and mouth and the ragged hole between his legs.

“You chose well, amigo.” Said the corporal then held a knife in front of Miguel’s face.

“Signor?” The boy, in pain already and in shock from the hideous end on his friend, didn’t understand.

“The blade is quicker. But there are many blades, amigo.”

The corporal disappeared behind the boy and Miguel felt a hand grab his cock and balls, hanging defenseless between his legs. He felt pain as the blade cut across his scrotum and flicked his testicules onto the sand next to the basket. Another cut and his cock lay there too. There the knife cut across his buttocks, long hard deep cuts on each one and his flesh opened. Miguel was screaming now, an endless howl of pain and loss. The he saw the corporal reach for the lever that released the blade of the guillotine.

“Good bye, amigo.”

The hand pulled the lever and the blade fell. Miguel felt the world turn and the basket come closer then darkness.