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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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neděle 20. listopadu 2011

New Master...

He was lead to the library, where lights were rather low and high ceiling was dissapearing in the dark. Book-cases looked old and were filled with lots of books, hidden behind glazed doors. They were made of fine woods, carved and partly gilded. Fire in the fireplace was lit and light from few smaller lamps added to the cosy athmosphere in the room.
The carpet under slave's feet felt very soft and comforting. It was a great feeling after all those hard and cold surfaces he had to walk, stand or kneel on before.

Close to the fireplace, in the distant part of the room there were two high armchairs and small side-table. There was a carafe made of cut glass filled with some whisky or cognac and few glasses on a silver tray. Silver ash-tray already contained few cigarette stubs.
In one of those armchairs there was sitting a man, wearing a light-grey suit. He was probably rather tall when standing. His face was hidden in the shadow.
,,Come here, boy.", he said.
The slave went closer and stoped in front of the arm-chair. His head bowed, his hands behind his back. Feeling slightly embarrassed, he knew he had to stand this closer inspection by his new Master.

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  1. I see, that's why you bought new bookcase :-D

    Very nice drawing, precise as usual.

    HE is ... incredible :)