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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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neděle 1. dubna 2012

Oldies - Dance a little before you go...

I decided to publish here, one by one, my older works that had already appeared on other sites in the past. Mostly on Greaseank and some Yahoo "interest" groups, that has mostly been erased by Yahoo.
Anyway - some of you might not know some of these drawings and others hopefuly won't object even if they have seen them.
Here comes the first "bigger" immage I did for Greasetank back in 2004.

5 komentářů:

  1. You know what I draw. So I do not exaggerate when say that you are one of the best draftsmen that BDSM has ever had.
    The drawings seem to live, made ​​from real situations.
    Are you a slave of someone? You have regular real experiences?
    Years ago I started putting my fantasies into practice. I've had slaves and owners. I've seen it all live. I can say that your drawings are very, very good even. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Your comment needs an answer. I used to be a sub for some Masters in my life. At the moment I am not. I have some real life experiences, though not so "serious" as scenes in my drawings. I was considering putting some of these "milder" scenes illustrations here and maybe I will do it after reading your comment. It might be of some interest for the followers of my blog.
      As for your drawings - I find them VERY good! I love your drawing style. Especially the type of drawings like the poor guy tied to a truck ;)
      As for the size - sometimes I reduced the size of a scan and I have no bigger file at the moment. Sometimes I sized it down on purpose so the picture isn't so big. Anyway - if you like any of the drawings in bigger resolution, you can let me know and I can send it by email.

  2. What is the size of the original drawings? You could make available at higher resolutions? Hugs.

    1. The size is A4 format. Higher resolution - it would need to make a new scan. I am not sure whether I still have the original drawing.