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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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pondělí 16. ledna 2017

One more....

Drawn after an inspirational photo of a friend. I don't think I have to explain what this drawing is about :-)

2 komentáře:

  1. My friend, delicious your San Sebastian. Sometimes I realize how many times we have drawn the same theme, the same man having the same tortures.
    I do the same, you can observe how my themes are repeated too.

    The question for me is simple. I draw more often what excites me most, what I would like them to do to me. The child I draw being brutalized is me as a child, the old man I draw being humiliated, is myself as an old man suffering the humiliation.

    I am a sadist, but also, and most of all, i am a masochist. It gives me great pleasure to imagine myself and to draw, myself being flogged, tortured, raped and murdered cruelly.

    Do you imagine yourself naked, tied to the column, being penetrated by arrows and enjoying pleasure, no?

    Nice drawing!



  2. Dear Pote, it works the way you so accurately described. There even are some of the drawings where I openly acknowledge it is me in the drawing - it is my fantasy where I play the "main" role: Yard crucifixion, Pain, Another "wish" that "didn't come true" or the nameless one from 13th November 2011,and some which I did with this in my mind but didn't write it openly in this blog: Piss break (where even the person of the torturer is inspired by a real person) . The only "problem" is I have quite low "pain-tollerance" so it makes "playing" in this field almost impossible for me... So for me it is all about fantasy - all is hapenning just in my head. But, as you know - that way there really are no limits. :-)
    Thank you for your comments! They make me happy knowing there are men who know exactly what the drawings mean to me :-)