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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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pondělí 17. dubna 2017

Small Talk

Butchers at work...

My friend, incredibly talented fellow artist Pote, made an image of his own interpretation. 

Visit his blog to see more of his amazing art!

2 komentáře:

  1. Wonderful, as always. The butchers speaking of unimportant things, quietly, as their work was only a matter of routine, completely indifferent to their victims' agony. Great!

  2. Of course, most butchers do not even notice when animals die.
    They first remove the softer and tender parts, after this step they remove the leather with the layers of fat, then the larger muscles and finally the internal organs.
    Most men die during the extraction of leather. Even with the butcher doing the work accurately and competently the creature dies for the blood it loses. It is believed that the meats get softer and succulent when the animal takes longer to die.
    The cutting and boning room is very noisy because the victims cry, scourge, curse, scream and beg for mercy in despair.
    Some butchers prefer to cut their tongues so they do not have to listen to the victim talking. Others, on the contrary, enjoy talk to the victims, ask their names, ask if they had family and children while cutting off their nipples and genitals.
    It's just a work room, like any other.

    Nice work, my friend! You are amazing! Thank you very much.