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If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

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neděle 13. listopadu 2022

The end of sub Lawrence

 After some fun the Masters had with him they tied him to a metal grid, as some other subs before him... and even some not far from him... The metal grill was portable, with small posts in the corners of the fireplace prepared for it. Hot barbecue charcoal was spread out on the fire pit area and one of the Masters made sure there was always enough charcoal at the right temperature. Occasionally he added it with a metal shovel. His other concern was to make sure that all parts of the sub's body were evenly roasted. For this purpose he had in one hand a sort of two-pronged pitchfork, which he used from time to time to press some of the sub's limbs or torso against the grate and hold it closer to the radiant heat.
The other watching dominants amused themselves by rubbing oil on the sub's body, so that it would not burn too quickly...
The advantage was that the temperature was lower at the edges of the fireplace, so the dominants didn't get burned, and the subs on the grate stayed conscious longer as well.

3 komentáře:

  1. My friend, the men who look after the barbecue are all naked, as I imagine that before putting the young long pig on the grill, they stuffed it with their milk through both holes! Now, after using it, no matter how hard it tried to please them, by all means, it's going to be grilled to death.
    I think that you, like me, imagined that the slut fagot knew from the beginning that this would be his end, and he accepted to play the game because he understood that this is his role and natural faggot destiny. Now, over the lighted grill, the fag despairs, screams, and begs them to stop, but before that, it signed the contracts in which it asked that under no circumstances they would attempt his last pleas.
    Beautiful and exciting drawing! You are my favorite!

  2. Ditto, what my friend Pote wrote. Love this